21 May 2010

Patsy Phelan at FutureNet 2010

It is great to see the TSSG pushing some of its ideas at big events. Here we are helping re-think the Internet from scratch, by allowing experimentation immediately with any new form of networking protocol, directly programmed in Java. Patsy Phelan, one of our researchers who has been working on the EU FP7 project 4WARD, has been promoting the flexible software he has developed that allows us to deploy new or tweaked networking protocols, at any OSI layer, coded directly in Java. The platform will be released under an open source licence in the near future.

Welcome to FutureNet 2010. For over 10 years FutureNet has been the must attend event for service providers, IT managers, and consultants to stay ahead of the rapidly changing communications services market. This year is no different as we'll address the sustainability of the Internet for business, look at emerging trends around Ethernet, wireless, and SIP, and help you put together a "Green" strategy by evaluating new service options. We'll also examine the management and support strategies necessary to achieve success. We look forward to seeing you this year at FutureNet 2010 in Boston!

  • UPDATE 2010-09-10
  • Watch a screencast of Patsy's presentation
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