28 January 2011

Daniel Karrenberg's facinating article in similarities between Internet industry and Financial industry

graphic comparing Internet and Financial industries

The ISP Industry and the Financial Sector - Amazing Similarities

A really interesting article, as you can see from the diagram.

In the last RIPE Labs article on this subject How Does the Internet Industry Compare?, we looked at ways to compare our industry with other industrial sectors, and identified a number of characteristics that an industry must have in order to be comparable to the Internet industry. It seems the financial sector or monetary credit industry shares many of these characteristics and in fact behaves much like the Internet industry.

The three main factors that determine the cumulative distribution of resources in both industries are:

  • centrally administered coordination policies

  • commercial strategies and competition between each industry members determines how fast each of them grows

  • the absolute size of the user base and the varying demands of individual users.

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