18 January 2011

W3C Unveils HTML5 Logo

HTML5 Logo

The W3C have unveiled a HTML5 Logo: W3C News Archive: 2011 W3C

W3C unveiled today an HTML5 logo, a striking visual identity for the open web platform. W3C encourages early adopters to use HTML5 and to provide feedback to the W3C HTML Working Group as part of the standardization process. Now there is a logo for those who have taken up parts of HTML5 into their sites, and for anyone who wishes to tell the world they are using or referring to HTML5, CSS, SVG, WOFF, and other technologies used to build modern Web applications. The logo home page includes a badge builder (which generates code for displaying the logo), a gallery of sites using the logo, links for buying an HTML5 T-shirt, instructions for getting free stickers, and more. The logo is available under "Creative Commons 3.0 By" so it can be adapted by designers to meet their needs. See also the HTML5 logo FAQ and learn more about HTML5.

The logo itself is not the main important thing, it is the richness of HTML5's features that help make media (audio and video in particular) easier to access in a standardised way on the web.

HTML5 also promises to help level out the differences between the various mobile devices, providing a common web-based layer of functionality that can be targeted by all mobile apps. Currently companies like FeedHenry (where I am CTO) offer a client-side API abstraction that helps cross-platform mobile app development and deployment, utilising web technologies. HTML5 will hopefully make more of these differences irrelevant over time, making it even easier to develop cross-platform mobile apps that work across a wide range of devices, using standardised web technologies (approved by the W3C).

The TSSG (where I am Executive Director Research) are members of the W3C and support these standardisation activities.

UPDATE 2011-02-21 Ian Jacobs of the W3C has blogged on the interesting discussions the unofficial release of the logo to the public has generated, see Ian Jacobs' Blog Entry.

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