2 February 2011

Excellent Netscape documentary from 1998-99

I just read an interesting blog post from Jeff Atwood Coding Horror: Lived Fast, Died Young, Left a Tired Corpse (thanks to @rjroger)

The post has links to the documentary film of Netscape pushing to release open source with a tight deadline: Code Rush. For a very long time, Code Rush was almost impossible to find, but the activism of Andy Baio nudged the director to make the film available under Creative Commons.

It is salutary to see the development environment that drove one of the lasting legacies of the original dot com bubble, I am typing this in a Firefox (Mozilla) browser window using a MovableType Perl backend CMS, all technologies of that era, the open source Firefox being the direct legacy of Netscape. I am CTO of FeedHenry, a company that is basing its mobile app strategy on JavaScript, another legacy of that era. What comes around goes around.

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