7 March 2011

University of Limerick iPhone app for Diabetes

TiY - Tag It Yourself

Interaction Design Centre - Computer Science and Information Systems Department - University of Limerick - Limerick, Ireland

Tag-it-Yourself™ is a journaling platform that supports the personalization of self-monitoring practices in diabetes. TiY is developed at the Interaction Design Centre (www.idc.ul.ie) and is part of a broader research project called FutureCOMM, which is funded by HEA Ireland under the 4th PRTLI program.

The TSSG led the FutureComm project, and UL's IDC were partners. This is a very interesting output of the research programme. Now allI have to do is persuade them to migrate to Feedhenry to allow it work across multiple devices sucha s Android, Blackerry and Nokia WRT as well as iPhone.

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