6 January 2012

Three new PhD Graduates from TSSG at WIT Ceremony


It was my pleasure to attend the graduation ceremony in WIT on Friday 6th January 2012 where three more PhD students graduated from the TSSG. These were (left to right in picture above) Dr Korbinian Frank, Dr Gajaruban Kandavanam and Dr Lei Xu. These join the previous gradutes for a total of eight PhD gradutes from the TSSG to date.

Doctorates represent many years of hard work, comprising persperation and insiration, and I wish all the new graduates all the best.

Of course, I should also mention the supervisors for these students, respectively Dr Tom Pfeifer, Dr Dmitri Botvich and Dr Brendan Jennings pictured with Lei below (with me on the far right, Tom to my left, Dmitri on the far left and Brendan to his right). Dr Sasi Balasubramaniam, not pictured, was a co-supervisor of Gajaruban.

In order for these students to graduate many others in the TSSG contributed to supporting the students, and to the funding that helped create the environment where this research could be done. It is interesting that all of the supervision of these students was carried out out by full-time researchers in the TSSG whose funding came from competive basic research grants (HEA and SFI), so the achievment is definitely one of the students, of the supervisors and of the TSSG in general.


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