11 June 2004

Semantic Web Debates

Two recent postings on the O'Reilly sponsored XML.com site shed some light on developments and debates in the W3C Semantic Web world (linking to my recent posting referencing Jon Udell's comments on Longhorn). Quoting from XML.com Xtra!:

A far-fetched vision of a utopian computing future? Not so, says Daniel Zambonini in our lead feature this week. In fact, all the component parts of web infrastructure already exist to make this a reality. Find out how tomorrow's web is already here today.


In this week's XML-Deviant column, Kendall Clark looks at the arguments espoused by Semantic Web skeptics in the XML world. He also introduces a new working group at the W3C, the Data Access Working Group (DAWG). DAWG has been deputized to do standardization work on a query language and data access protocol for RDF. http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2004/06/09/deviant.html
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