23 September 2006

Raymond Baxter RIP (1922-2006)


I read in today's Irish Times that Raymond Baxter passed away on 15th September 2006 (he was born on 25th January 1922). As a child I was inspired by his TV appearances, along with James Burke, in particular heading up the first editions of Tomorrow's World (the BBC science programme). Here's a BBC Posting announcing the sad news. See this site for information on Tomorrow's World.

In many ways it was inspirational people like this, as well as my own school teachers, who encouraged me to pursue science initially as a topic for academic study. Hence I still have the two volume edition of the book based on the series (see scanned image at the top of this posting). So it inspired me to do A-Level Physics, along with Irish and English, and I also took a non-examinable Computing course at the same time, as computing was not yet available as an A-Level subject). I went on to study a BA in Computing and English (Keele University, Staffordshire, UK) followed by further postgraduate computing courses in the UK.

Raymond Baxter (Guardian, Obit)

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