4 March 2011

Security is a big issue in mobile apps

Mobile Apps Insecure? - Bank Technology News Article (free subscription required to read article).

As we are discovering in FeedHenry, the security of mobile apps is a big issue, especially in vertical market segments such as finance and healthcare where there is a risk that sensitive data may need to stored temporarily be on the mobile device.

FeedHenry are enabling platform security features to give enterprises the confidence to develop secure solutions in these vertical market segments. These features cover both server side and client side security issues, including encryption.

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27 February 2007

Windows Vista teething problems

Ed Bott reports that his Vista installation switched to a 72 hour countdown to a "reduced functionality mode" because he installed a game Vista WGA problems confirmed | Ed Bott's Microsoft Report | ZDNet.com. Scary stuff.

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14 September 2006

Geoff Huston on DNSSEC

An excellent overview of the practicalities of DNSSEC, and a high level critique of some of the important issues ISP Column - September 2006

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14 April 2005

Papal Elections

The conclave of cardinals will meet next Monday on 18th April in the Sistine Chapel in Rome (as illustrated) to elect the next pope. This date was decided by a meeting of the General Congregation of the College of Cardinals (as illustrated) earlier this month.
Bruce Schneier has an interesting posting on the papal election process, analysing the process from a security perspective Schneier on Security: Hacking the Papal Election. Given the recent intense debates on the validity of various electronic voting systems, it is interesting to see similar rigour applied to an analysis of a much older form of voting.
For a more straight forward explanation of the electroral process there is a very informative WikiPedia entry: Wikipedia: Papal Election and a specific page on this year's conclave Papal Conclave 2005.
Of course, the Vatican itself will be covering the process on its own website: Vatican Website.

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