13 March 2012

Google Scholar Page

I just enabled my Google Scholar Page: Mícheál Ó Foghlú - Google Scholar Citations.

I had previous enabled by ACM personal profile: Mícheál Ó Foghlú - ACM Author Page.

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14 April 2011

Science, Engineering and Technology Research Funding Policy in Ireland 1995-2008: A Policy Document Analysis

My thesis on Irish Research Funding Policy, accepted last summer for a doctorate in the University of Sheffield, School of Education, has been published on the University of Sheffield e-thesis website. This site is shared by the Universities of York and Leeds, and so is called White Rose eTheses Online. It has also been published on the Waterford Institute of Technology repository (i.e. where I currently work).

Ó Foghlú, Mícheál (2010) Science, Engineering and Technology Research Funding Policy in Ireland 1995-2008: A Policy Document Analysis, EdD Thesis, University of Sheffield, School of Education. (University of Sheffield PDF, WIT PDF).


In the period 1995 to 2008 there has been an increased level of government funding
for research and development in higher education institutions in Ireland.

This thesis analyses the evolving theoretical literature on the production of
knowledge, and traces how models of research and innovation have evolved in the
contemporary period. Four models are discussed: (i) linear model, (ii) national
systems of innovation, (iii) mode-2 science, and (iv) triple helix.

The thesis presents a detailed analysis of a series of public documents produced
in Ireland in the period, and discusses how each one relates to the theoretical
background. Some of these relationships are explicit, where documents cite key
authors and the models as discussed in the theoretical literature. Some of the
relationships are implicit, where the manner in which the process of research and
development is described implies that certain models are being assumed.

The thesis subsequently discusses the results of this analysis, where it seems
that the Irish policy literature is moving away from an engagement with at least
some of these theoretical models, towards a very operationalised implementation
strategy. This is epitomised by the development of the Strategy for Science
Technology and Innovation.

The thesis finally makes a number of recommendations for policy makers,
advising the more detailed study and analysis of Ireland's own national system
of innovation, and the prioritisation of the use of research funding to build up
capabilities in identified areas of this system that are weak.

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26 January 2011

TSSG's new building has an energy efficient data centre

Ger Kilcommons, Kedington Group; Jerry Horgan, TSSG; and Harold Werner, Rittal Ireland. Photo: Dan McGrath

The Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology has a new energy–efficient data centre to support its network-based research projects in the area of telecommunications networking.

Right now, TSSG is working on an average of 40 to 50 research and development projects. It has been recognised as one of the top 10 European institutes driving ‘future internet’ research.

Kedington Group has designed the centre at TSSG, which has an IT power load of 300Kw, with some cabinets engineered to house 30kw of IT equipment. It deployed Rittal LCP technology, which uses chilled water (at 15°C) and will provide free cooling 72pc of the time, for the new data centre.

New fuel-efficient data centre for Waterford Institute of Technology’s TSSG - Green Tech - Green Tech | siliconrepublic.com - Ireland's Technology News Service

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22 June 2010

Science Spin Interview on IPv6

Sean Duke interviewed with me recently about IPv6 and the Future Internet. This interview was broadcast on Science Spin on Dublin's Spin FM (103.2) on the 17th June, 2010. Sean was kind enough to give longer than the traditional two minute "sound bite", instead this is a ten minute discussion that allows time for a bit more depth.

You can listen to podcast of this interview, after the introductions mine is the first segment (time 00:50 to 11:10).

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11 June 2010

TSSG wins first place in Ericsson Mobile Application Awards


I am very happy to announce that a team of programmers from the TSSG have won first place in the Ericsson Mobile Application Awards. The global student competition generated over 700 registered users, 120 registered teams from 28 countries worldwide and the involvement of 1000 end-users globally. The jury selected the winners yesterday at the Nordic Mobile Developer Summit in Stockholm.

Pictured above is Robert Mullins and the two part-time students Kieran Ryan and Mark Williamson who are both members of the TSSG and students on the TSSG-sponsored MSc Communications Software in Waterford Institute of Technology.

The winning entry has an associated YouTube video and was based on the development of a "Caller Profiler application".

This success demonstrates the capability within the TSSG to translate from a high level research interest in telecommunications networks and services, through to real software development that can have an impact on industry, with a link back to WIT's teaching curriculum, in particular with specialised targeted MSc (taught) course offerings designed to enable professional development of specialist software skills.

Robert Mullins led the TSSG's engagement in Enterprise Ireland funded ILRP IMS-ARCS project that built enablers for next generation IMS services. The development work for the competition was enabled by Enterprise Ireland funding linked to one of the IMS-ARCS industrial members Vennetics as partner.

We are grateful to Ericsson for the opportunity to take part in this competition. Ericsson, both in Ireland and in Sweden, work closely with the TSSG in supporting our Next Generation Network TSSG Centre (funded by the TSSG, Enterprise Ireland, and Science Foundation Ireland), and have worked with us on many leading edge research projects.

Well done to the winning team!

UPDATE 2010-06-14 - Video Interview

A video interview with the winning three teams, the TSSG team as overall winners are third in the sequence starting at timestamp 2:20:

UPDATE 2010-06-17 - TSSG Press Release

The official press release on the Applications Award win was released today: TSSG Press Release

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25 November 2009

Jonathan Brazil on his new Android Hero

Well, as a personal comment on my recent blog post about smart phones, I thought I'd cross link to one of the TSSG researcher's personal expereinces with the HTC Hero smartphone, that runs Android 1.6 at present: When jbwan met: HTC Hero.

I predict that Android phones are going to be very big in 2010.

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3 November 2009

TSSG EU FP7 ICT Call 5 - 41 proposals submitted

This day last week say the extended deadline of EU FP7 ICT Call 5. This is the call, like Call 1 before it, where most topics of relevance to the TSSG come up. I am very pleased to say that the team in the TSSG really engaged with the process, and was involved in the successful submission of 41 project proposals. That's just under one proposal each for every researcher in the TSSG who is funded by EU funding (we're about 150 in total, and around 60 are funded from EU funding). Of course, the rest of the organisation gave considerable support as well, and we had one proposal that came from the commercialisation part of the TSSG, thanks to all of you.

Already the TSSG are the most successful research centre in Ireland at winning EU funding, with 16 active EU FP7 projects as of today (funded mainly through ICT Calls 1, 2, 3 and 4 over the past 2 years). We would have the expectation of at least some successes for these new proposals that have been submitted, and we await the results of the extensive review process. The larger Integrated Projects (IPs) have a review process that allows for clarifications with the proposal team at a panel meeting in Brussels; this should happen some time in Jan 2010 for highly ranked IPs.

The TSSG is built on successful project proposals, without funded projects we have no income and no way to pay our staff. So I am very proud of the huge efforts put in by the whole organisation, and in particular by the core EU funded researchers, who helped achieve this major milestone.

2009-11-19 UPDATE:
After a full audit of submissions there another one I didn't know about when I originally posted this information, so the total is actually 42 submissions with the TSSG as a partner (covering objectives 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 3.5 and 9.2). There has been some interesting public analysis of the submissions to the call posted already http://www.euforskning.no/post/submissions-Call-5.aspx. This shows how many of each type of proposal were submitted under each of the strategic objectives of the call.

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7 September 2006

Zinadoo Launch Photo

zinadoo Launch
Originally uploaded by Paul Watson.
Here's a snap Paul Watson took as the Zinadoo launch party was starting. I'm there in bottom left as you look with M揵che疝 モ hノigeartaigh (Head of Department, Computing, Mathematics and Physics, WIT) and Paul Barry (Head of School of Science, WIT). This is the atrium area of the IT Building in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT).
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20 January 2003

Vovida.org -- Your Source for Open Source Communication

This looks like a very interesting location for open source telecommunications software: Vovida.org -- Your Source for Open Source Communication. Note that Tim Chown (University of Southampton and UKERNA) has edited a report which includes deployment of an IPv6 version of VOCAL (Report on IPv6 Experiments, Published 2002-09-11) which is a VoIP solution from Vovida.org. This report also mentions other activities related to IPv6 at the applications layers: Globus Toolkit v2 (computational grids). Finally it cross references activity taking place under 6NET, an EU-funded FP5 Project.
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8 January 2003

Latin English Dictionary on-line

Latin-English Dictionary On-line Latin-English dictionary.
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6 January 2003

Netcraft Survey

Netcraft Web Server Survey
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5 January 2003

The Disruptive Web, Jon Udell

The disruptive Web An article about the creation and dissemination of a useful webservice based on books, and their ISBNs.
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Leslie Lamport's Home Page

Leslie Lamport's Home Page The author of LaTeX here lists all his publications, with annotations/comments on each and links to electronic versions as appropriate. He has been very active in formal mathematical approaches to distributed computing over a number of decades. Ironically, he is now working for Microsoft, which he had earlier referred to as "Going over to the dark side" c.f. How (La)TeX changed the face of Mathematics Mitteilungen der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung 1/2000 (Jan 2000) 49-51.
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3 January 2003


ElectricNews.net:News:Ireland and China sign research pact SFI has new fund for Chinese collaboration.
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2 January 2003

MSNBC Article: AOL Patents Instant Messaging

AOL patents instant messaging AOL has filed a patent based in ICQ's IM but the definition is so broad that it is a threat to any IM product (inluding MS and Yahoo). This will be interesting. Umm, wonder if it covers "finger/talk" in Unix where the "network" is one of terminals?
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Web-safe colours

HTML Color Codes - a VisiBone Wheel; see also the Colour Lab.
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Larry Seltzer

Operating Systems and Platform Migration / XML on a chip? - ZDNet Tech Update discusses the use of hardware acceleration to allow XML processing and web services for heavy usage. Puts this in the context for hardware acceleration for lower network stack layers (e.g. routers).
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1 January 2003

Jon Udell's weblog

A recent entry in Jon Udell's weblog referenced a whole series of interesting things: New York Times Article on who owns the internet (quoting Joseph Turow's suggestion that a small "i" was more suitable than a capital one so as to allow for global ownership); that William Gibson's statement that "the future is here, just not evenly distributed" (as cited in Tim O'Reilly's 2002 column on emerging technologies); and concept of active paper (as refernced here in an earlier weblog entry); and reference to an interesting book on W-Fi.

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30 December 2002

What is RSS? by Mark Pilgrim

XML.com: What is RSS? [Dec. 18, 2002] A useful modern article on RSS with up-to-date links to the various standards, and to tools which can process, create, and read RSS XML newfeeds.

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19 December 2002

Digital Ecosystems

Digital Ecosystems "The essence of Digital Ecosystems is establishing streamlined, interconnected internal and external processes required for business operation implemented over a robust and reliable distributed infrastructure with sufficient control and monitoring systems."

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18 December 2002

IST FP6 1st Call

CORDIS IST FP6 1st Call You can download all the details for making an EU project proposal for the Sixth Framework 1st Call from this site. Officially published on 17th December 2002.

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15 December 2002

ISOC Home Page (Internet Society)

Internet Society (ISOC) - All About ISOC Want to keep track of where ISOC 2003 will be held. ISOC 2002 was in Arlington VA in June. I met someone in KTH, Stockhom, who presented there, and it looked like a good central event with many interests in the same place. Looks like IPv6 Forum meets there at the same time.

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10 December 2002

Gordano GMS

Gordano Homepage A mail system to drop in to replace email.

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5 December 2002

Wireless security

The Unofficial 802.11 Security Web Page a good set of links to wireless security information.

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Phillips pronto

PHILIPS Pronto - Royal Philips Electronics Universal controller.

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24 November 2002

UnitedLinux 1.0

UnitedLinux Releases Version 1.0 the consortium made up of Connectiva, SCO, SuSE and turbolinux reseased their fisrt version of UnitedLinux 19th Nov 2002. Noticably absent are RedHat.

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20 November 2002

A Comparative Overview of C#

A Comparative Overview of C# Author: Ben Albahari

Company: Genamics

Date: Initially released 31 July 2000, updated 10 August 2000.

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C#, C++, Java Comparison with .NET Framework

C#, C++, Java Comparison with .NET Framework from kuro5hin.org, technology and culture, from the trenches. Interesting observations backed up with sample code. Managed C++ (required for use with the .NET Framework) performs poorly.

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19 November 2002

All Consuming (track weblog book recommendations)

All Consuming (track weblog book recommendations)

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List of weblog changes

Weblogs.Com: Top-100 Links from Weblogs List of weblog changes managed by weblogs letting the site know when they are changed.

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18 November 2002

Improvements on Conventional PKI Wisdom by Carl Ellison

Improvements on Conventional PKI Wisdom by Carl Ellison. Interesting critical analysis of common assumtions made in simple PKI solutions, and a proposal for delegated authority structures with fewer assumtions (and no "single sign on" panecea).

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Home Network Security

Home Network Security an article of advice for securing home networks.

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VINNOVA Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems

VINNOVA Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems the Swedish equivalent of SFI funding innovative research in ICT.

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6 November 2002

T6 - A Research Centre

T6 Home - Welcome At IST2002 Andrea Nicolai presented on the subject of Digital Ecosystems. This was an excellent talk, and this link is to his organisation's home page. Here there are a series of excellent white papers, the Digital Ecosystems and the Open Source ones look very interesting. [Posted during the session itself by your live reporter from ISt2002 :-) the wonders of Wi-Fi and blogs]

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30 October 2002

Sun to join WS-I

The Register: Sun to join WS-I there had been a rist between MS, IBM and the others who set up the WS-I excluding Sun, but this may now be resolved as Sun joined this week, and will have a seat on the board. Part of the rumours of discord were linked to suggestions that IBM might charge royaly fees for use of some concepts in Web Services in particular ebXML (actually sponsored by Sun and the UN). The WS-I fast track the slower W3C processes for some standards relating to Web Services.

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Web Services Architect

Web Services Architect portal site for Web Services news.

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Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) Journal

eAI Journal a journal dedicated to Enterprise Applications Integration.

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Enterprise Application Integration portal

eaiQ: Independent resource for enterprise application integration (eai) and infrastructure Enterprise Application Integration portal

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Search site comparison matrix

Internet Search Engine Comparison Search site comparison matrix: Google, AltaVista, AllThewWeb

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28 October 2002

End-to-End Arugments in System Design (Saltzer, Reed, Clark)

End-to-End Arugments in System Design (Saltzer, Reed, Clark) MIT

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Reliable Web services (Jon Udell)

Reliable Web services Jon Udell, InfoWorld Test Center

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13 October 2002

Open Source Development Lab: Carrier Grade Linux

Open Source Development Lab a project to develop a telecommunications applications platform based on Linux.

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Introduction to carrier grade Linux

Introduction to carrier grade Linux Applied-Computing.net article on an interesting project to build a platform based on Linux for telecommunications applications development and deployment.

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29 September 2002

Experimental RadioUserland Weblog

Mícheál Ó Foghlú's Radio Weblog is my Experimental RadioUserland Weblog.

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Science's 10 Most Beautiful Experiments

Here They Are, Science's 10 Most Beautiful Experiments New York Times feature on elegant experiments. You need to nregister with the NYT to see them :-)

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28 September 2002

Intelliun Corporation rebuttal of BEA's claims

Demonstrating the Productivity of The Virtual Enterprise for Building Applications and Web

Services Intelliun Corporation rebuttal of BEA's claims to develop an application in 5 steps (compared with 28 for IBM WebSphere).

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Lotus gears up for Notes/Domino 6 launch

Lotus gears up for Notes/Domino 6 launch

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Richard Stallman -- The Anatomy of a Trivial Patent

Linux Today - Richard Stallman -- The Anatomy of a Trivial Patent explores how a simple web request for an audio file has been dressed up as a software patent (oh, the audio file can be stored on CD-ROM or a RAID array, wow).

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27 September 2002

02 SMS

ElectricNews.net:News:O2 opens up SMS marketing to SMEs (O2 SMS Marketing Service)

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17 September 2002

ElectricNews.net:News:Slapper infects victims in 100 countries

ElectricNews.net:News:Slapper infects victims in 100 countries just as Netcraft predicted, worms have emerged to expoit Apache and OpenSSL weaknesses for which patches are availbale.

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12 September 2002


Grid-Ireland Install Kit Interesting national computing grid project.

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6 September 2002

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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3 September 2002

RIU256: IP over 2.5G 3G

RIU256: IP over 2.5G 3G (IST Overview project)

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28 August 2002

Objects and Concurrency in Triveni:

Objects and Concurrency in Triveni:

A Telecommunication Case Study in Java looks at a framework for concurrent programming with threads and events.

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Personal Naming and Directory Service

Personal Naming and Directory Service

for Mobile Internet Users article on using smart cards for on-line digital IDs in mobile Internet.

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Papers - 4th USENIX Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems, 1998

Papers - 4th USENIX Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems, 1998 Article on CORBA evenet architecture, does look at event service but offers its own system.

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USENIX ;login: - an architectural overview of the ACE framework

USENIX ;login: - an architectural overview of the ACE framework Article on distributed component architectures, a bit old but maybe useful.

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22 August 2002


PocketSOAP Small SOAP environment.

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eLexPortal (EU eBusiness Information Portal)

eLexPortal An EU eBusiness Information Portal. All the eLexPortal contents and services are free of any charge and the most of them available without registration. By registering, the user is enabled to get email alerts with news and events, participate the Online Forum and avail of the multilingual HelpDesk (legal experts give personalized, written answers to specific legal questions regarding e-Commerce).

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21 August 2002

Community Networks: NoCat

NoCatNet A community network initiative in CA.

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Location-based PDAs

Salon.com Technology | Stalker tech Location-based PDAs in a USA campus.

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19 August 2002

MEN Motorola, Ericssons, Nokia

MEN behaving badly MEN Motorola, Ericssons, Nokia and their control of the wireless marketplace.

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12 August 2002

smartBridges airPoint home page

smartBridges - Software and Driver Downloads Ethernet/WiFi bridge designed for SOHO.

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9 August 2002

Guide to conecting Nokia 6310 and Toshiba laptop (IrDA/Bluetooth)

Setting up a Bluetooth connection between a Nokia 6310 mobile phone and a Toshiba Portege laptop Guide to conecting Nokia 6310 and Toshiba laptop (IrDA/Bluetooth).

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10 July 2002

Irish Embedded Linux company

Neueda Technologies - About Us An Irish Embedded Linux company who are partnered with other leading embedded proponents such as: Mentor Graphics and MontaVista.

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9 July 2002

Java client drop-in text markup editor

Editize - Overview >>> Text Editor Component for ASP, PHP and ASP.net CMS Java client drop-in text markup editor for use as a component in a Content Management System.

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8 July 2002

Display referrers: Javascript mechanism to enable

Stephen's Web ~ Referrals Display referrers: a Javascript mechanism to enable displaying Referrers on a website, as previosuly mentioned in Disenchanted.

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RSS: Lightweight Web Syndication

XML.com: RSS: Lightweight Web Syndication [Jul. 17, 2000] Excellent overview of the evolution of RDF and RSS and the various uses to which these have been put.

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6 July 2002

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Open Source Vendors, Tim O'Reilly

O'Reilly Network: The Strange Case of the Disappearing Open Source Vendors [Jun. 28, 2002]

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W3C XML Schema Design Patterns: Dealing With Change

XML.com: W3C XML Schema Design Patterns: Dealing With Change [Jul. 03, 2002] explains the use of wildcards in schemas to allow varient XML targets to match the schema.

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5 July 2002

Semantic Web Brackgrounder

Fall 2001: The sea change of the Web: What is the Second-Generation, Semantic Web? Semantic Web Brackgrounder

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RSS Package

RSS RDF Package

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28 June 2002

Webhost search by feature

Web Hosting Ratings (Advanced Search)Webhost search by feature

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Good value web hosting SSL + CGI

iPowerWeb.com Good value web hosting SSL + CGI, 200 Meg, for $7.50 per month.

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23 June 2002

Mobisys 2003

Mobisys 2003 - The First Annual International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services jointly sponsored by USENIX and the ACM SIGMOBILE set for May 2003.

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22 June 2002

The Technology Primer (Morgan Stanley, Dec 2001)

The Technology Primer (Morgan Stanley, Dec 2001) a very useful overview of ICT market.

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Wireless Foresight

Wireless Foresight Excellent set of scenarios for 2015!

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Saving the Mobile Internet (Dick Schefstr)

Saving the Mobile Internet (Dick Schefstr) discusses why 3G will be bypassed by WiFi and create a real mobile internet. Very provacative and interesting.

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21 June 2002

E-Work and E-Commerce (Book Publication Details)

E-Work and E-Commerce (IOS Press) 2001 contains articles by myself and Dr Willie Donnelly.

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6 June 2002

Disenchanted Backlinks - Pedal to the Metal

Pedal to the metal an interesting article, on the different keyboard layout standards, on maximising human efficiency, and on the modern study of HCI and usability and how this relates to the Victorian studies of efficiency. Of particular interest, however, is this website's mecahnism of counting and listing backlinks. This mechanism was drawn to my attention by Jon Udell's article Blogspace Under the Microscope on OReilly.net.

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1 June 2002

Collaboration of Caldera, Conectiva, SuSE and turbolinux: UnitedLinux

United Linux is a collaboration of Caldera, Conectiva, SuSE and turbolinux to form a unified business distribution and streamline Linux testing for hardware and systems vendors.

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31 May 2002

SOAP Services for SMS Messages

smsx Web Service a SOAP Services for SMS Messages.

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26 May 2002

Index of Irish On-Lines Shopping Sites

BuyEire.com - Online shopping for Ireland An Index of Irish On-Lines Shopping Sites.

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21 May 2002

B-DSL (Satellite Internet Access in Ireland)

B-DSL (Satellite Internet Access in Ireland) from a Cork based company, Media Satellite.

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15 May 2002

On-line SSH client

On-line SSH client

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13 May 2002

SpamBouncer (uses procmail filers)

The SpamBouncer: a Procmail-Based Spam Filter

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SPEWS DNS Blacklists

SPEWS.ORG - the internet's Spam Prevention Early Warning System. [DNS Deny] will publish Bind 8 and Bind 9 lists of DNS servers to deny queries for (due to blacklisting after activity such as email spamming).

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OpenSSH Key management (Part 3)

Common threads: OpenSSH key management, Part 3 from IBM's Developerworks.

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OpenSSH Key management (Part 2)

Common threads: OpenSSH key management, Part 2 from IBM's Developerworks.

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OpenSSH Key management (Part 1)

Common threads -- OpenSSH key management, Part 1 from IBM's Developerworks.

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11 May 2002

Wi-Fi News Portal

(802.11b/WiFi News) an excellent news portal for hardware, software and business related news on the issue of wireless access points.

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10 May 2002

Computing Research Repository (CoRR)

Computing Research Repository (CoRR) including LaTeX style guidelines.

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Technology Foresight Documents

Irish Council for Science Technology and Innovation (ICSTI) Technology Foresight Documents

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Sputnik WiFi

Sputnik Gateway Software Similar to Boingo, but allows for some shared free access as well as shared for a fee access via other people's WiFi networks. Both are based on free distribution of a Win32 client which simplifies the authentication, security and management issues by centralising these on a shared authorisation server on the Internet.

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Boingo WiFi

Boingo Wireless WiFi system which allows networks to share bandwidth with other existing users.

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List of all National Holidays in many countries.

Official list of Bank Holidays List of all National Holidays in many countries.

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8 May 2002

Brussels Metro Map

metroPlanet > Europe > Belgium > BRUSSELS (Bruxelles) Metro and Premetro (Subway) Brussels Metro Map

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7 May 2002


TIBCO Extensibility XML Infrastructure Solutions TIBCO TurboXML is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing and managing XML assets. With facilities for creating, validating, converting, and managing XML schemas, XML files and DTDs, TurboXML provides a best-of-class XML implementation platform that combines industry leading XML solutions (XML schema authoring, XML instance editing, and XML project management) into an simple and intuitive IDE. TurboXML, which is currently deployed in thousands of organizations around the world, is the first XML IDE to offer comprehensive support for the latest XML standard - the XML Schema Recommendation.

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5 May 2002


Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit Linux Security Toolkit (small distribution).

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phpGroupware PHP-based group application suite with many plugin modules.

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twiggi web-based groupware

twiggi twiggi web-based groupware (neddix IT Consulting und -Services, Stuttgart)

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Jon's Radio, Musings on XML

Jon's Radio, Musings on XML I'm linking here to one day of Jon Udell's on-line Radio Userland Blog as it includes interesting musing on the disadvantages of over complex XML (as supported by Dale Dougherty) to quote from Jon's blog:

Last night, I had dinner with Dale Dougherty, who has been around the track a few times when it comes to processing structured text. (Dale wrote the 1990 classic, sed and awk.) What bugs him lately? Overly complex XML schemas. Less is more, he has concluded.

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Managing the Connected Organization, Valdis Krebs

Managing the Connected Organization Valdis Krebs, 2002, makes some interesting arguments about connected organisations.

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O Reilly Network: The Semantic Web: It is Whom You Know [Apr. 19, 2002]

O'Reilly Network: The Semantic Web: It's Whom You Know [Apr. 19, 2002] stimulating article pointing out the huge effort required for most web content to be marked up so that it can be more meaningfully indexed and searched, rather than brute force word indexing as is done at present.

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Mike Lin (W2K Utilities)

Mike Lin's Home Page W2K Utility programs - including a startup monitor.

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2 May 2002

Election Ireland

Electireland: Ireland's website for the undecided voter. Fun political survey included.

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29 April 2002

Irish Research Council for Science Engineering & Technology

IRCSET - Embark Initiative Irish Research Council for Science Engineering & Technology

Posted by mofoghlu at 12:29 PM

26 April 2002

"All Questions Answered" Donald Knuth

Notices of the AMS March 2002 "All Questions Answered" Donald Knuth

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:47 AM

24 April 2002

Earthweb Networking and Communications: XML: Service-Oriented Architecture Introduction, Part 2

Earthweb Networking and Communications: XML: Service-Oriented Architecture Introduction, Part 2

Posted by mofoghlu at 6:54 PM

Earthweb Networking and Communications: XML: Service-Oriented Architecture Introduction, Part 1

Earthweb Networking and Communications: XML: Service-Oriented Architecture Introduction, Part 1

Posted by mofoghlu at 6:54 PM

22 April 2002

IST IPv6 Cluster

IST IPv6 Cluster is the website for 6th Framework and other research interest in IPv6 in the EU IST research programme.

Posted by mofoghlu at 11:49 AM

21 April 2002

Dave Baum's LEGO Page

Dave Baum's LEGO Page (author of the "Definitive Guide to LEGO MindStorms") this page includes sample programs in Not Quite C (NQC) his language for programming the RCX bricks in the LEGO MindStorms kit.

Posted by mofoghlu at 9:52 PM

Across the universe, Virtuouso 2.7, (InfoWorld)

Across the universe, (InfoWorld) (a review by Jon Udell) describes a product Virtuouso 2.7, from OpenLink, combining DB, AQL queries, XML, WebDAV, and web services and available for multiple platforms. An indication of the potential synergy of the new web services world.

Posted by mofoghlu at 3:57 PM

MS has 14 million passport subscribers (The Register)

MS has 14 million passport subscribers (The Register) the article suggests thatm people have signed on because they have to rather than because they actually want to, but it does strenghen the .net plaform by giving it a customer base.

Posted by mofoghlu at 3:42 PM

3-D Visualisation Product

Actuality Systems 3-D Visualisation Product displays a 3-D image in a sphere (like a programmable snow crystal).

Posted by mofoghlu at 3:40 PM

Linux Desktop Distribution: Lycoris

Lycoris a Linux Desktop Distribution.

Posted by mofoghlu at 3:39 PM

17 April 2002

Geek Nerd Quiz

Geek Nerd Quiz take the quiz with answers, but you must keep score yourself.

Posted by mofoghlu at 11:55 PM

Linux Next Generation Traffic Control

Traffic Control - Next Generation for Linux Kernels.

Posted by mofoghlu at 6:09 PM


PerlBox.org a Linux Desktop written in Perl. Whatever next?

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:39 AM

Spam Bar

Spambar Spam Filter forces all email correspondents to confirm that they are a real person before letting a message through, thus filtering spam. Interesting.

Posted by mofoghlu at 7:38 AM

12 April 2002

Google API

O'Reilly Network: Google Web API [April 12, 2002] Google announces availability of its services via an API. Interesting discussion putting this in context.

Posted by mofoghlu at 6:09 PM

CAPE Technologies

Cape Technologies are a new telecommunications consultancy company based on expertise from Broadcom Research Ireland.

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:42 PM

9 April 2002

JavaWorld Awards

JavaWorld Awards: JBoss goes from strength to strength; JUnit is applauded; Jxta sounds very good; and Web Start makes client-side deployment easier.

Posted by mofoghlu at 9:30 AM

8 April 2002


VRVis - Kompetenzzentrum für Virtual Reality und Visualisierung Intermon - inputs on visualisation.

Posted by mofoghlu at 3:18 PM

GentleWare Possidon

Poseidon for UML Developer Edition - Gentleware - Tools for Developers open source (?) UML Tool.

Posted by mofoghlu at 3:15 PM

3 April 2002

SOAP and Apache (Serialization)

Apache SOAP type mapping, Part 1: Exploring Apache's serialization APIs very good article on SOAP and serialization from IBM's developerWorks.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:40 PM

27 March 2002

Gauss VIP

Gaus VIP modulal content management solutions.

Posted by mofoghlu at 3:45 PM

Percussion's Rhythmyx

Rhythmyx content management system from Percussion.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:35 PM | Comments (1)


Roxen Internet Software - Products web content management software.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:26 PM

Ektron's emPower

Ektron's emPower web content management system, builds on MS-ASP or ColdFusion.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:25 PM

OpenText LiveLink

About Livelink OpenText Web Content Management System.

Posted by mofoghlu at 11:54 AM

Interwoven TeamSite

Interwoven Products - TeamSite Content Management Another Web Content Management System.

Posted by mofoghlu at 11:52 AM


Content Management: Editions - Home Documentum Web Content Management.

Posted by mofoghlu at 11:51 AM

Use 2048 keys for PKI

SecurityFocus home mailing list: BugTraq reccommends the use of 2048 PKI keys rather than 1024 as it is now reasonable to assume that big government agancies in a number of countries have the facilities to crack the smaller keys relatively quickly.

Posted by mofoghlu at 9:52 AM

25 March 2002

Don Knuth's home page

Don Knuth's Home Page One of the heros of computer science, author of excellent books on computing (The Art of Computer Programming), and of TeX (Central TeX Archive Network).

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:56 PM

MSXML Versions

Top XML : MSXML Parsers This links to an XML MSXML parser sniffer, which checks the versions of MSXML available on your client machine: Sniffer. The page also contains links to useful refernce on MSXML.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:44 PM

22 March 2002

EU Local Loop

ZDNet |UK| - News - Story - EC cracks down on local-loop unbundling EU Local Loop - regulator, deregulating the local loop - Ireland and other countries falling foul of EU regulators.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:55 PM

Univeristies and the Web

Main Articles: 'The Management of Content: Universities and the Electronic Publishing Revolution', Ariadne Issue 28 An well written article on the use of the web in the University sector. Comparisons are drawn with the printing revolution of the 15th century.

Posted by mofoghlu at 1:48 PM

21 March 2002

List of content management systems

Bublos.com : Book Price Comparisons > Directory Search Results A list of links to content management systems built on XML technologies.

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:18 PM

Content Management Systems - Terminal4

TERMINALFOUR Content Management Solutions - Home A content management system for web-based access.

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:07 PM

19 March 2002

Virtual Model

My Virtual Model Inc. - Welcome A site for modelling yourself.

Posted by mofoghlu at 6:26 PM

MOSIX openMosix & Parallel Perl

MOSIX An interesting parallel processing system, now open source in openMosix as described by Moshe Bar. Note that there is a parallel Perl module which supports execuation in Mosix/OpenMosix: Parallel-ForkManager.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:59 PM

IBM Mainframes S/390 running Linux

IBM and Linux an interesting article refuting some of Sun's claims about Linux on IBM mainfames, especially the S/390, and an especially interesting account of emulation software for IBM's z/VM virtual operating system environment.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:34 PM

Dublin as an e-City

Dublin e-City Report Dublin as an e-City, an interesting report by Chris Horn (Iona Technologies).

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:09 PM

Irish Broadband Rings

Irish Fitted for Broadband Rings covers the Irish Government's initiative to fund broadband access in the regions.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:07 PM

UK Flexible working

Headline news from Sky News - UK Flexible Working saw this on Sky News last night, covering a UK report on Flexible Working.

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14 March 2002

Eircom DSL i-stream

Irish Times Article - Breakthrough in dispute between Eircom and Doyle on DSL system Eircom DSL i-stream may be able to be rolled out by May 2002, with a cost of 50EUR for resellers.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:03 PM

Movable Type: Blogger

MOVABLE TYPE :: Personal Publishing System May be a better blogger than GreyMatter? Might upgrade, as it can import from GreyMatter.

Posted by mofoghlu at 1:54 PM

Google vs AltaVista

Google's weakness and AltaVista's strength An interesting response to a provocative article on the virtues and vices of Google and AltaVista search engines. There is still a place for both, though Google is my normal choiice, I agree with the authors comments about exclusion searching "-" and speed of registration..

Posted by mofoghlu at 1:42 PM

O'Reilly Emerging Technology Briefs: Identity

O'Reilly Network: Emerging Technology Briefs: Identity [Feb. 27, 2002] An interesting series of technology briefings, this one focused on the issue of identify core to p2p and web services and security.

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13 March 2002

Hosting Strategies

Hosting Strategies at JamesGLewis.com Good advice on hosting strategies, a personal account, with many excellent tips.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:36 PM


Euromap: Welcome page A portal site for Natural Language Processing initiatives and infromation. Funded by an EU project.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:13 PM

Common Criteria

International Common Criteria Project Homepage Good portal site for security information, may have a tendency to be over-paranoid.

Posted by mofoghlu at 11:49 AM

12 March 2002


CORDIS: IST: Home Page EU Information Society Strategy research funding home page. Funds majority of IT/ICT projects in EU. See also TEN Telecom, and E-Content.

Posted by mofoghlu at 4:01 PM

COS Funding

Community of Science - Research funding, expertise, abstract publishing for academia and industry A Portal site for research funding.

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10 March 2002

Linux Commands

Linux Command Index An excellent on-line reference for Linux commands, taken from the O'Reilly Linux in a Nutshell reference book.

Posted by mofoghlu at 12:22 PM

O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2002

O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention 2002 THis event covers many excellent topics including Perl and Perl 6, Apache with XML, Java with XML all with a focus on the practical use of open source technologies to solve real problems.

Posted by mofoghlu at 12:17 PM

8 March 2002

WSDL Interop Adventures.

WSDL Interop Adventures - an interesting blow-by-blow account of trying to get SOAP WSDL servers to interoperate using four environments: Perl's SOAP::Lite, Java GLUE, Radio UserLand's own scripting, and Microsfoft's Visual Studio (tested with C#). Food for thought indeed.

Posted by mofoghlu at 6:01 PM

Irish Information Society Commission

ISC Homepage (Irish Information Society Commission) has on-line reports and documents relevant to the Information Society.

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:00 PM

List of Internet History Links

History of the Internet presents a list of Internet history links, including the Hobbes' Internet Timeline.

Posted by mofoghlu at 4:34 PM

7 March 2002

Earthweb article on JAIN

Earthweb Networking and Communications: Java: JAIN's Addiction: The Java Advanced Intelligent Network a user-friendly introduction to concepts, with a software developer's emphasis.

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:40 PM

The Parlay Group

The Parlay Group home page.

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:37 PM

Sun's JAIN APIs White Paper

Sun's JAIN APIs White Paper explains how JAIN enables a combination of the telecommunications Intelligent Network concept, with the Internet.

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:37 PM

Ericsson Parlay/OSA White Paper

Ericsson Parlay/OSA White Paper discusses the role of open standards in the data-centric networks emerging (as opposed to the voice-centric telecommunications networks of the past).

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:34 PM

6 March 2002


Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1 Logging this reference site of the SOAP 1.1 protocol for future reference.

Posted by mofoghlu at 6:13 PM

4 March 2002

The Worldwide Computer

Scientific American: Feature Article: The Worldwide Computer: March 2002 A vision of how the network will be the computer, as Scott McNealy (CEO of Sun Microsystems) has been saying for some time.

Posted by mofoghlu at 5:20 PM

Sun, Java and NGOSS

Java OSS Initiative This initiative may provide a platform for AlbatrOSS.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:24 PM

Wonder Web

Wonder Web is a project investigating Semantic Web technologies. The URL was sent to me by Sean O Miadhachain of Sabhal M Ostaig, Skye, Scotland who is one of the prime authors of our HERO proposal, sent in Call 7, and resubmitted in Call 8 of the IST programme.

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:10 AM

27 February 2002

Local Loops

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Which broadband technology will win? looks at the battle for controlling the local loop in emerging networks.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:24 PM

Nokia branding NGOSS

Nokia OSS Nokia are brand Next Generation Operations Supports Systems (NGOSS) and Nokia OSS, interesting links to TSSG's AlbatrOSS project.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:01 PM

Positive Internet Company

The Positive Internet Company - Managed Dedicated Servers - The Enterprise Range

Hosting with SuSE in the UK for 」9000 per anum.

Posted by mofoghlu at 1:59 PM


dynamicsoft - SIP-based Infrastructure Solutions for Converged Communications Networks - Session Initiation Protocol company behind SIP and other telecoms/Ip-based services concepts.

Posted by mofoghlu at 1:44 PM

Sun's Service-Driven Network

Tomorrow's Carrier Network: The Service-Driven Network: Solstice Enterprise Manager Sun's concept of a service driven network is where the TSSG space exists, enabling new services managed in IP-based networks, potentially on new and emerging networks (e.g. 3G).

Posted by mofoghlu at 1:43 PM

IT Papers

ITpapers - White Paper Search is a syndicataion site for IT white papers.

Posted by mofoghlu at 11:16 AM

SuSE Financial position

ZDNet |UK| - News - Linux Lounge - Story - SuSE expects break-even second quarter looks like they may be able to for an IPO soon.

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:37 AM

Web Standards Project

The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers is the old site for the web standards project. The new phase is due to be launched soon.

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:35 AM


Favelets are a series of useful browser buttons implemented using JavaScript which add some handy funtionality to the browsing experience.

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26 February 2002

CalTech Center for Advanced Networking

Lee Center for Advanced Networking Excellent research lab in California working on many aspects of computing and telecommunications.

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25 February 2002

Papers Invited (Calls for Papers planner)

Papers Invited (inbox) I regestered for this planner for Calls for Papers. To early to say how useful it is yet.

Posted by mofoghlu at 2:18 PM

Netcraft Survey

Netcraft Web Server Survey is a useful analysis of the current web servers in use, as well as other comments on the trends in the industry. Published very month.

Posted by mofoghlu at 1:04 PM

22 February 2002

End of Free

The End of Free Discussion and examples of movement from free to fee-based web services. Food for thought. Suggested to me by Shane Dempsey, cheers :-)

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:37 AM

RSSify Your Site

RSSify Simply way to auto-create RSS XML from a news-based site.

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:36 AM

Blogger Pro

Blogger Pro - Power Push-Button Publishing Professional blogg hosting site. Looks good. See also the free version at Blogger.com

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:35 AM

Independent Web information

The Future Independent Web: Visions Of What's To Come! Loads of interesting links on the philopsophy of the web, design and useability issues.

Posted by mofoghlu at 10:34 AM

16 February 2002

Linux Termianal Server Project

LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project - v3.0 This is the way to configure multiple Linux machines in WIT with the minimal hassle. Also good for our potential TestBed 1U Machines booting off another server.

Posted by mofoghlu at 4:50 PM

DELL Lightweight UltraPortable

Dell - Latitude c400 DELL's option for a lightweight ultra-portable PC.

Posted by mofoghlu at 4:27 PM

Ericsson's T68 now available in Ireland.

Cellular World - Mobile Phone Retailer - Ireland

Ericssons T68 available in Ireland - one of first GPRS handsets, certainly one of first with tri-band, bluetooth and colour screen!

Posted by mofoghlu at 4:11 PM

Toshiba Portege 4000

Toshiba Ireland Looks like you need to order a few extras to get the standard pack with this.

Reviews say Bluetooth & WiFI is great.

Note also that no touchpad, just joystick mouse.

Posted by mofoghlu at 4:10 PM

14 February 2002

John Udell's Home Page

Jon Udell is a portal for links to lots of things including articles by John himself (always very informative) and links to active discussion threads on the local newsgroups he monitors (alternative web access as well as with a newsreader).

Posted by mofoghlu at 9:31 AM

6 February 2002

BSCW Information

FhG Fokus own the BSCW groupware discussion tool:

BSCW Home Page

Download Page

They offer educational licences (reduced rate/free).

Also found some good overviews of Groupware in general at:

Usability First Groupware

Posted by mofoghlu at 7:54 PM